Marigold Flowers in Escabeche


  • Daisy buds
  • White wine vinegar
  • Various aromas
  • coarse salt

Pick the unopened buds and wipe with a cloth, without dipping. Put them in glass jars alternating with layers of salt, starting and ending with a layer of salt. After 1-3 days, wiping the salt, transfer to another container without compressing and cover with vinegar. If the vinegar is enough and the flowers few, you will not need to change. If the shoots are many, the vinegar can be diluted in water for the buds themselves. In this case, after 1-2 days, drain the liquid into the bowl and replace with fresh vinegar. Add the last fennel seeds and / or oregano, garlic, red pepper, orange peel or some other flavor to taste.

Pickled margarita shoots have the same application possibilities with capers.