Casselle Leaves and Root Soup (Vegetables)

Ingredients (for 4):

  • Whole plants of Casselle
  • onion
  • Oil or butter
  • cooking cream
  • Pasta for menestra
  • Salt

Wash the Casselle and cut a handful of raw leaves into small pieces. Cook the rest of Casselle in boiling water without salt until the correct level of cooking, more or less to the crunchy taste. Drain the Casselle and recover its cooking water, which will serve as soup, filtering possible grains of soil in the bottom of the pot. Put the pan on the fire with oil or butter and let the chopped onion brown. Add cooked vegetables cut into pieces. Pour it over the still hot water recovered from cooking. If necessary mix everything and salt to taste. Then add the Casselle roots cut into thin slices, then pour the pasta and, one minute before the cooking is finished, add the chopped raw leaves. Add the cream and remove from the heat: the soup is ready.

Anyone who wants a lighter dish, can remove the cream and use olive oil instead of butter.